Melodic dubstep is a genre near and dear to my heart. Nothing pleases me more than moody bass drops and emotional synths. Artists such as Seven Lions and Said the Sky are no strangers to this sub-genre of electronic music (more on these artists in future posts). However, the true master of melodic bass tracks is a lesser-known artist named Timo Loosli, who produces under the alias Faux Tales.

I started listening to Faux Tales a year ago. Loosli’s Dystopia EP introduced me to the world of Faux Tales, and I have been hooked ever since. Since Dystopia EP, however, Loosli has produced only a few singles. Aeon, which came out in 2014, introduced me to Faux Tales’s glitchier, electro-house side of production. Then in early 2015, Faux Tales released Weightless, which combined the electro-house style of Aeon with the melodic dubstep sound of Loosli’s earlier releases. After Weightless, I though Faux Tales could not set the bar higher.

I was wrong.

On September 14th, 2015, Faux Tales released Kairos, which threw the bar out the window. With Kairos, Loosli not only demonstrates his skill as a music producer- he takes melodic dubstep to a whole new level. The album combines glitchy electro-house with bassy dubstep, creating a truly unique musical style signature of Faux Tales.

It is difficult to properly describe the sound of Faux Tale’s album, which is why I will encourage readers to go listen to the album themselves. Each track takes on a different persona. Prologue kicks the album off with a slow, building melody. The melody of the track begins to develop as emotive synths rise and fall. The track progressively builds to a climax in which Loosli reveals to listeners what he is truly capable of. Faux Tales’s signature bass sound is the star of this track, and it clearly defines Loosli’s skill as a producer.

My favorite track of Kairos is Oceania, which I feel best exemplifies the style of Faux Tales. Oceania brings back the sound of Atlas, a track of Faux Tales’s Dystopia EP. This track stays true to Loosli’s original sound, while bringing the musical stylings of his latest singles, such as Weightless. I feel Oceania is just the right blend of the old, as well as the new Faux Tales.

The rest of Kairos is a real treat for electronic music enthusiasts. Loosli holds nothing back in Stateless, a track for true bass-lovers. Tracks like Metanoia, however, convey a true sense of emotion. There is truly something for everyone in Faux Tales’s Kairos.

Now that you have finished this post, go give Kairos a listen, or visit Faux Tales’s official website for more info on his other music. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to leave a comment below. If you have any music recommendations, post those as well. Finally, if you would like to hear what else I’ve been listening to, follow me on Spotify.