By Niantic Labs

October 15, 2015

Murfreesboro, Tennessee — Local Resistance member Challenick reached level seven today upon creating a field in front of the Middle Tennessee State University Library. This marks the halfway point of Challenick’s Ingress journey.

“It’s been a long journey,” says Chandler Warrick, the player behind the username “Challenick.” “I play almost every day. It was an amazing feeling to finally see that big number seven appear on my player card.”

About Ingress

Ingress is a mobile augmented reality game in which players attempt to capture colored “portals” for their team. Upon signing up, new players are asked to choose between a green team called the Enlightened, as well as a blue team known as the Resistance.
As most players know, Ingress is an exceptionally competitive game.

During an interview, Challenick described himself as, “an aggressive player,” saying he did not get to level seven without making serious sacrifices. “I’ve made friends, as well as enemies. Moreover, my gas bill is outrageous. I’m filling up once a week at the least.”

Upon reaching his new level, Challenick also announced his new non-profit organization, “The Smurf Foundation.” The foundation is geared toward providing a foundation for new blue players, known as “Smurfs.”

About the Smurf Foundation

Individuals can give increments of money to Challenick’s organization that will go toward purchasing battery packs and gasoline for new players. Sponsors can also volunteer for carpooling to provide transportation for younger players.

“It feels great to do something good for the No0bs. I was in their place once, and a charity like this will go a long way in their Ingress careers. It’s the least I can do.”


To learn more about Challenick or to donate to The Smurf Foundation, please contact

Chandler Warrick

1301 E Main St, Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Cell: 867-5309