“The movement does not care about Fox News. To the movement, Fox News is obsolete.” – #WhileWeWatch Documentary


The Occupy Wall Street Movement, which began on September 17, 2011, made a stand against, “the richest 1% of people that are writing the rules of an unfair global economy that is foreclosing on our future,” as stated by Occupywallst.org. During this movement, citizen journalism became a prevalent method of broadcasting the state of the movement in real time.


Through the use of live streaming and social media, protestors of Occupy Wall Street were able to spread the message of the movement across the world, inspiring a number of other protests in other countries.


Citizen journalists on Wall Street claimed they offered an unbiased, unpolished, live look at the protests- something that was not being offered by news sources such as Fox News. Protestors accused these sources of misrepresenting the happenings on Wall Street. These sources were labeled as biased and skewed.


Thus, the statement was made that, “Fox News is obsolete.” Does Occupy Wall Street mark the downward spiral of mainstream news outlets? The answer: not yet.


For one, traditional news sources like Fox News are trusted by a large audience. Though Fox may offer a biased view of current events, the fact remains that the channel has a significant audience base. Moreover, the audience Fox has acquired is generational. Individuals who have grown up watching Fox News will be more inclined to pay attention to information Fox puts out over that of citizen journalists.


Additionally, the “Fox generation” is more comfortable viewing a news broadcast on television than a live stream online. My grandfather, for instance, does not even know what a live stream is. He is a dedicated Fox News viewer, and he would be far from interested in tuning into citizen journalist’s video stream. He would rather turn on his television and watch Fox News.


It can also not be said that citizen journalism is truly unbiased. Since anyone can broadcast however they choose through this form of journalism, it is inevitable that most individuals will express their own opinions on current events. In the case of Occupy Wall Street, for instance, protestors broadcasting the events were sharing their thoughts on the movement through their own frame of reference. Thus, just like Fox News, it is impossible for citizen journalism to be unbiased.


Occupy Wall Street marked an important shift in the way individuals receive and produce news. This shift, however, does not mark the degeneration of news outlets like Fox. There will always be an audience for Fox, but there is a growing audience for citizen journalists as well. I believe the two outlets will continue to coincide. One day, however, it is possible for the audience surrounding Fox News to dissipate, making room for the dominance of citizen journalism. Only time will tell.