This week in my Writing for Digital Media Class, we discussed the concept of the Internet as an audience. The idea that a multitude of individuals can be tuned into a single presentation at once is mind blowing. Furthermore, this concept has an immense impact on online speeches themselves.

When a person presents a speech online, there is the possibility they will be seen by millions of people at once. A number of concerns would enter a speaker’s mind when speaking online.

How do I accommodate for such a massive audience?

How do I refrain from offending anyone?

Will my message get across to my audience?

All the general guidelines for a speech are amplified to an extreme when speaking online. Though speaking to an internet audience may seem negative for the speaker, it can actually serve as a major positive.

Thoughtful speakers should be keeping all of the questions listed above in mind when making any type of speech. Working to meet these requirements when faced with Internet audience may seem like an impossible task, but doing so will help a speaker online as well as offline. By considering one’s large-scale audience, a speaker will become better at working with a smaller one in a concrete environment.

Additionally, speaking to an internet audience can build a great deal of confidence in a speaker. YouTube vloggers are prime examples of such confidence. These speakers present to countless individuals at once, though this does not worry them. The vloggers speak confidently and fluidly to the massive audience as if it were a group of friends. The confidence gained through speaking online can be applied to real-life situations as well, leading to a more skilled speaker.

Today’s technology allows a speaker to reach a broader audience than ever before. Though an internet audience may intimidate some speakers, those who speak online can gain skills applicable in real-life situations. Moreover, an online speaker stands to gain a great deal of confidence.

Speaking online intrigues me, and I hope to one day do so myself. Until then, however, I will continue blogging.