How do you determine if a social media voice is trustworthy?

Establishing a presence on social networks can be a tricky feat to accomplish. With the vast number of accounts active on various networks, it can be difficult to stand out. Moreover, establishing oneself as a trustworthy source can be a different challenge altogether. However, both tasks can be accomplished.

First and foremost, creating a unique voice for your presence is key. Creating an identity for your audience to become familiar with is of the utmost importance. Second, providing consistent, trustworthy content is critical. Teaching your audience they can trust in what you share will be imperative to the bond between the sender and receivers. Finally, upholding this trustworthy presence is essential. Once your audience has learned to trust you and the content shared, being dependable is only appropriate. For lack of better words, do not sell out. Releasing “click-bait” content alongside content your audience has come to trust is far from appropriate.

How does social media change the nature of influencing compared to word of mouth sharing?

For centuries, the only possible way to share content has been through word of mouth. Today, social media managers are able to step into an unmatched limelight. No longer is a message confined to single individuals passing it along. Today, we are able to reach a broader audience than ever, and thusly influence virtually endless individuals.

How do you influence others within a social media space?

As stated previously, establishing trust with an audience is paramount to producing influence. Once trust has been established, creating unique, shareable content can do wonders for spreading influence. Individuals sharing your content with others in their own circles can spread your influence in an unparalleled manner.


How can your influence evolve in social media?

Going viral is key in the evolution of one’s influence. Once a message has begun to spread, an audience can expand exponentially. Each individual may take on their own opinion of your identity. Thus, the evolution of one’s influence is in the eye of the beholder. Additionally, creating content tailored to your growing audience can produce an evolution in influence. One must be chameleonic in their content to influence the greatest number of individuals. Constantly changing how content is received can produce an evolution of influence as well.