I exemplify what many would call a “news junkie.”

Throughout the day, I pull in information from a myriad of news outlets, never allowing a bit of information pass me by. In general, I troll tech blogs and gaming sites. However, I also read stories from various news publications like the Guardian and BBC World News. Additionally, I surf multiple niche sites, such as ThinkGeek and DesignMilk. While reading posts from all of these sites, I generally have a tab open with music playing from MyEDM and Dancing Astronaut, two websites dedicated to new dance music.


I prefer to read on my laptop, though I will use any device I have on hand at a particular time.

Feedly is my preferred RSS aggregator (with Reeder being my favorite RSS reader), and Facebook is also choice for gathering information fast. Twitter is a last resort, as I follow far too many profiles to count. I find Twitter to be a firehose of information, whereas I can organize topics in Feedly. Overall, Feedly provides the best reading experience for me.

Needless to say, I always have my phone on hand. Oftentimes, my phone is the only option for reading news. Thus, I have adapted ways to create the best reading experience on the smaller screen. I use a third-party browser to simplify web pages, making longform articles more reader-friendly. I also use a read-it-later service called Pocket to save articles I am more likely to read on a laptop for later.

As stated previously, I check RSS feeds and Facebook multiple times a day. As such, I have installed a lockscreen on my smartphone that will display the newest content from both Feedly and Facebook (as well as Instagram and YouTube) whenever I power on my screen. This is a great addition to my news-reading repetoire. As a college student, this adaption allows me to quickly spot interesting headlines between classes and save these stories to Pocket for later reading.