Zedd is one of my all-time favorite artists. I follow Zedd on every social network to keep up with what is going on in his career. Most importantly, I keep tabs on when the producer releases a new track.

While listening to Spotify’s new releases this morning, I was surprised to stumble across a track from Zedd I had never heard. Looking at the release date, I discovered the artist’s song was released today. I had not heard anything about the release of the single, however, despite following Zedd’s content across social platforms.

I checked Zedd’s Facebook page shortly after discovering the track to see what the artist’s PR department had been doing to hype the release. Shockingly, Zedd had a measly two posts relating to the release, one being from just yesterday. Not only had Zedd’s PR department failed to hype the announcement in advance – they neglected to engage their audience post-release.

What disappoints me most about the situation is the reflection the PR fail had on the artist. Zedd will miss out on the brief influx of listeners he could have acquired through adequate PR attention. Additionally, he will have to depend on his audience to share the release to bring in new listeners. The latter option will be particularly difficult as Zedd’s lone posts are only the album artwork. There is very little about the posts that do exist that could motivate fans to share the content. Moreover, there is little to no hope of the content going viral.

My qualms from this situation stem from other artists executing similar releases in a much more appropriate fashion. For instance, Illenium is an up and coming producer. Illenium has a small fan base and has released only a few singles. Toward the beginning of the year, Illenium’s social platforms began filling up with hype from the artist. Mysterious images and samples from unreleased songs began surfacing. People began sharing the content as if letting their friends in on a secret puzzle. Illenium released a single shortly after his PR started taking action, with several more following suit. Soon, Illenium announced the release of his first LP. The puzzle pieces fell into place, and people got excited.

Upon its release, Illenium’s album topped the Electronic charts on iTunes. Word had spread like wildfire thanks to Illenium’s successful online campaign. Situations like Illenium’s should be the basis for artists like Zedd, especially considering Zedd’s PR department is significantly larger than that of Illenium.

Take note, Zedd. I look forward to seeing how your PR department handles your next release.