Acting as an effective media company can be difficult for many companies. Oftentimes, trying too hard can make a company look foolish. However, examples of companies acting as successful media companies include Geico and Dish Network. These companies produce entertaining advertisements, which often go viral after airing. What is the secret ingredient to becoming a successful media company? A company must be able to get their point across without trying too hard while also always placing the company in the center of the ad. Additionally, a company must adapt their advertisements to constantly relate to their audience.

It is of the utmost importance for a company not to try too hard. Forcing an image on your company that does not quite fit ends up looking ridiculous, such as in the case of Hardees. For years, the chain restaurant has aired sexist ads portraying attractive women chowing down on Hardees food in the most sexual manner. GoDaddy has aired similar advertisements. Though these ads may be eye-catching, they alienate an entire gender and come off as corny. Geico and Dish, on the other hand, either hire big name icons to star in their commercials or develop witty stories to entertain their audience. The companies never go too far in their advertising, and whatever absurdity conveyed through the ads is intentional.

Placing your company at the center of the ad is crucial. Geico, for instance, always plugs their company name in the center of their ad – no matter what story is taking place. The same goes for Dish Network. You would never know a GoDaddy commercial was about web domains unless you Googled the company. If the audience has to look up your company to understand the mission of the ad, there is a problem with the commercial.

Finally, I feel a brand must be able to adapt to an audience to become an effective media company. Geico has altered their ads over time to suit their audience. Dish has even brought in recognizable actors from current television shows to further suit the audience watching. This facet of advertising is probably the most difficult of the bunch but is also the most important. Staying stagnant in your advertisements will drive away your audience, which is the exact opposite of what a successful media company wants.

If a company can succeed in keeping their ads from becoming too ridiculous while keeping the brand at the center, they are on their way to becoming a successful media company. Moreover, constant adaption is necessary to keep an audience’s attention. Brands like Geico and Dish have succeeded in all three of these areas for many years. Do not just take my word for it, though. Be sure to watch some of these ads online. Just be sure to stay away from ads from companies like Hardees – those are just trashy.