“Why Should I Vote?” is a short video I produced to emphasize the importance of student’s exercising their right to vote. In this video, I had a specific cause, audience, and goal in mind. In this brief treatment, I will detail these points.

As I have already established, the cause of this video was to inspire college students to vote in the upcoming election. Student voting rates remain low, and as such, I believe individuals my age should be aware of their responsibilities as U.S. citizens. I myself will be voting in the 2016 election, so the cause of the video was near and dear to my own heart.

Additionally, my target audience was clearly college students. More specifically, I was targeting individuals who were unaware of the importance of their right to vote. Since my age was around 18-25, I chose to post this video to Instagram and YouTube – two major video services utilized by my target audience on a daily basis. Moreover, Instagram’s video content has been expanding dramatically in the recent months, so posting the short video to the service was a no-brainer.

Finally, my goal of the video was to remind students of a history they might take for granted. In the video, I provide a basic overview of the obstacles our American ancestors had to overcome to obtain the right to a democracy. I also wanted to remind my fellow students that their right to vote is not solely about them, but also a part of a bigger picture.

“Why Should I Vote?” conveys a simple message: college students need to see the importance of their right to vote. With this video, I want to inspire college-goers to see the grander scheme of the election process. Moreover, I want to see more individuals in my own age range exercise a right their ancestors fought for. Be sure to check out the video below, and leave a comment if you have any feedback.