Trying to stay on top of my todo list.

I think I am succeeding in doing so… I think.

This week I completed a big project, which I posted on Monday. The video linked is intended to encourage college students to vote. All in all, the video turned out better than I expected. Moreover, the video was received exceptionally on my personal social networks. Be sure to check the video out if you have not already.

This week I also started on a project proposal for an AR/VR application myself and two partners are putting together for our campus recreation center. The plan is to create a virtual tour of the recreation center’s weight room. This way, potential students and clients can check out the weight room without having to visit it in person. I am excited to see the project come together.

Also, I aced a History quiz I was expecting to bomb, which was a pleasant surprise. I guess it pays to study. Who would have thought?

Finally, I received a warning for speeding on my way home yesterday. Unfortunately, this was a rather negative way to end the week. However, I did learn a great deal from the experience. You can read about my thoughts here.