Saying this week has been busy would be an understatement.

I still live at home with my parents, who have recently decided to put their house on the market. As such, we have been experiencing a great deal of house-viewing traffick. Though I have been excited to see a positive reaction to our house being placed on the market, the house showings have definitely gotten in the way of getting things done.

The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome is adapting my study schedule around these showings. With midterms being just around the corner, I have been dragging books and study guides in the car when I leave the house for a showing. Focusing in the car with our three dogs (who also have to leave the house with us) has been quite difficult, however. Packing has also thrown off my study schedule, as I am losing track of where I leave study guides and assignments. At this point, I am hoping nothing relevant to the semester has been packed.


Nonetheless, I have been completing assignments. I recently turned in my product proposal for Entrepreneurship, which I have talked about in past progress reports. In fact, my proposal received an A. Moreover, I have been working on a virtual reality project for another class, which I have also posted about before. Though my partners and I have run into several obstacles along the way, we should be shooting the application shortly. I am excited to see the final product. I just hope my professor is pleased with the outcome of the assignment. We will see…