Group Projects Suck.

For my final project in my Media and Messages class, I am putting together a website centered around a topic with which nearly every college student has had their own experience: group projects. For many, group projects are the bane of college existence. Personally, I enjoy group projects when everyone does their part; however, that latter detail is one that never seems to come to fruition. As such, I am passionate about creating a website dedicated to why group projects seem to receive so much flack, why they are a positive in college work, and how to make these projects go off without a hitch.


Audience Analysis

As stated above, my ideal audience will be college students. Since nearly every college student comes into contact with a group project or two throughout their college career, I will be targeting freshmen up to seniors. Freshmen will be able to utilize the information on the site throughout their future projects, while seniors can take the tips into their future careers. Though the information presented on the website will be applicable to high school students as well, my focus groups will only center on college students. Moreover, it will be important to have a focus group with students earlier on in their college careers, as well as a second group for those closer to graduation.