TGIFB – Thank God It’s Fall Break

I like to think I am doing a solid job keeping up with homework and projects… I sure hope I am right in that respect. This week held a number of midterms, none of which have been graded yet. Nonetheless, I am confident in my scores… somewhat confident.


Other than midterms, I have started the process of brainstorming my final project for Media and Messages, which I talked about in another post. To be honest, I am excited to see the project come together. I think the idea behind the website my partner and I are designing is a great one. I will be sure to post any updates on the project to this blog.


In other class news, my partners from another class and I finished shooting 360 footage for a virtual reality project. In case you missed it, I am really into VR, so I am looking forward to seeing the end result of this project as well.


Now it is finally Fall Break. Although we only get a few days off at MTSU, I will take any time off I can get. I have several more study guides to prepare for even more midterms… oh joy.