Focus Group #1 Audience Analysis

A presentation of this analysis can be found here.

Brief summary of secondary psychographic and media use findings of your target audience.

College students are avid media users. Moreover, their medium of choice is the Internet. Modern-day college students grew up with the Internet and spend hours on it every day. College students spend a lot of time online studying, visiting their favorite websites, and socializing with their friends on social media sites.

Demographic makeup of your participants.

All of our participants are currently enrolled in college. Our participants were all between the ages of 18 and 24. We had a total of two female participants and three male participants. Geographically, all of our participants reside in the Murfreesboro area.

Psychographic information of your participants.

All of our participants had past experience with group work. Some had negative experiences and some had positive experiences. Each participant seemed to dislike group work in general for various reasons. In fact, participants had very few positive remarks regarding group projects.

A summary of questions asked and the responses of participants.

For our first focus group, we interviewed five students in total. First, we asked participants about their previous efforts with group work and whether their experiences had been positive or negative experiences. Everyone answered negative, with some explanations being quite passionate. We also asked students if they had much success in group work, as well as if their overall grade in a class had been enhanced or suffered due to a group project. Students had mixed responses, with most saying they had not had great success with these projects. One interviewee stated a single bad group project brought his B in a class down to a C, which made him furious. When asked if the students thought of themselves as the “workhorses” of a group project, most answered yes. Some stated their grade was saved by their own doing. Others explained they had a great deal of trouble delegating responsibilities to peers. We asked students if they had utilized Google Docs for collaboration in the past. The response to this question was surprising, with over a half of the interviewees answering “no,” and many not even knowing such a collaboration tool existed. Finally, we asked interviewees if resources for group projects be helpful in future group work, such as task checklists or video tutorials. Every applicant responded “yes,” with some asking why such resources were not available now.

Major themes or lessons from the focus group.

Every college student we interviewed stated they had negative experiences with group work. Furthermore, many interviewees were unaware of online collaboration tools like Google Drive. Finally, many students stated they had great difficulty delegating responsibility within group projects.

How you plan to incorporate the findings of your focus group in your final project.

In our findings, we discovered none of the five focus group participants were aware of Google’s collaborative tools. As such, we will be launching a video tutorial campaign on our website focusing on using Google Docs, Slides, etc. for group work. In addition, we found most of our participants found it difficult to delegate responsibility within groups. Therefore, we plan to post task checklists for students to designate responsibility in group projects while also holding their partners accountable. Finally, we plan to provide time management techniques sourced from a variety of professional websites that students can utilize in their group work.