Hootsuite, Canva and ProPresenter How-To Video Series

Elise Miller is the worship pastor at Connect Church. She regularly recruits new volunteers to run the church’s visual software, ProPresenter. In addition, Elise also brings on team members to manage Connect Church’s social media profiles via Hootsuite. Finally, Elise plans to introduce church designers to the online editing software, Canva. To streamline the process of training future volunteers, Elise has requested for a how-to video series she can present to new recruits for training on both Hootsuite and ProPresenter.

Volunteers at Connect Church are the primary audience of this video series. The intention of the project is to keep the tutorials privately listed on YouTube so Elise can send them to new additions to the team when they are brought on to serve. Current production team volunteers range from 13 to 50 in age and vary in ethnicity as well as gender. As such, it will be important to produce videos that will cater to a broad spectrum without excluding any potential audience members.

The objective is to provide a series of 4-5 brief, simple, and effective tutorials Elise can send to potential volunteers for training purposes. This will allow Elise to establish essential media skills in new volunteers without being forced to meet them in person for a training session.

Here you can find the full proposal presented to Elise Miller.