The one word that basically sums up my weekend. Skyrim: Special Edition came out Thursday, and it is making homework incredibly difficult to complete this weekend. On the up side, I posted a video yesterday which has received some positive feedback online. I am still waiting for Bethesda to take notice. Maybe it will go viral?

However, some stress relief is much needed this week. My partner and I presented our findings from focus group 1 (found here), which was not received as we hoped. Unfortunately, regardless of the work we put in on the analysis, there were some holes in our research. I am still awaiting a final grade on the project, so I should not stress too much yet.

In my history class, however, my professor finally wisened up and curved all of our grades. Thank goodness for that, as I was sitting at a D in that class. I am not saying I am a genius or anything, but I deserve far higher than a D in history.

That is all for this week. Next week is my birthday, and I finally turn 21. Cheers!