How do you measure something intangible?

That is the question I plan to answer in this topic post. Being able to measure traffic online is crucial to knowing your audience and tailoring your message to their media habits. So how do you keep up with how your audience is interacting with your media platforms? Here are just a few ways.


An article on Adweek provides some insight into monitoring traffic on Facebook pages. The article recommends using third-party software, such as Webtrends to monitor your Facebook traffic. Facebook also provides some information in-house with Facebook Insights, though Adweek states this tool can be somewhat limited. However, both tools will allow social media managers to monitor the amount of traffic on a given Facebook page, the demographics of that traffic, the times they interact on the page, and so on.


Thankfully, Twitter also provides a baked-in analytics tool for social media managers aptly named Twitter Analytics. I have attached a screenshot of my own Twitter analytics to provide some reference. As the screenshot conveys, though, the tool can be pretty basic. For more in-depth measurement of Twitter traffic, applications like Hootsuite are especially effective.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 3.37.07 PM.png


WordPress provides one of the best native analytics tools I have seen in a media platform, which is great considering the most necessary information for successful blogging is knowing your audience. There are other tools out there for WordPress analytics, but really the built-in insights WordPress provides are solid enough for beginner bloggers.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 3.44.26 PM.png

Side-note: Take advantage of WordPress’s admin page for the most in-depth analytics the website offers.

Google Analytics

I have to be honest, Google Trends is actually an addiction of mine. Google allows users to plug in virtually any piece of information they wish to measure, and the service will provide real-time trends for free. If you have yet to give Google Trends a shot, hit up the link above. This service is a perfect place to start your journey of media measurement.