Focus Group #2 Transcription

This focus group consisted of 6 individuals, half female and half male. All of the members were college students of various standings, and each stated they had previous group work experience. We told the group about the general mission of our website and then asked the following questions:

Interviewer: I’m not supposed to ask yes or no questions, but how many of you have had past experience with group work?

All raise hands

Interviewer: How many of you are college students?

All raise hands

Interviewer: What has your previous experience with group work been like?

Interviewee 1: My previous experience with group work has never been balanced. I’m either doing all the work, or no one is doing any work. Someone is always the odd man out – someone is always “social loafing.” I feel like everything needs to be more balanced.

Interviewee 2: At this point, I have had horrible experiences with group projects. Primarily with people who have lazy tendencies or don’t actually know how to do the work and procrastinate. At this point whenever a group project presents itself, I opt out rather than depend on someone else to fail.

Interviewee 3: Pretty much all of the projects I have been in have been like that, except one. In that project, though, the communication was so bad, you might as well not do anything. Because when you put everything together, it just looks like a horrible “hodge-podge.”

Interviewee 4: I do a lot of group work, and I try not to stand around. Generally, my group thinks I do a good job.

Interviewee 5: I try to do everything alone, because I’m always afraid someone is going to fail. 9/10 times, someone does fail. That may be more of a trust issue, but that’s just me.

Interviewer: How would you utilize resources housed on a website for group projects, or would you utilize them at all?

Interviewee 2: Depends on what resources you have, because if there’s some place you can assign duties to people, that would be great. I think the teacher has to be involved in that in some way, though, so they know how an assignment is being dished out. So if someone screws it up, there is visual proof.

Interviewee 1: Sometimes the issue is group members forget they are supposed to do a piece of work, or they forget that time is running out on an assignment. Maybe what could help is a calendar or push notification to remind group members when something is due.

Interviewer: What would draw your attention to a site like this?

Interviewee 2: It would need to get straight to the point.

Interviewee 1: A really clever title that told you what the site was trying to sell – what the purpose of the website it – would help. Also, if the website was really user-friendly, like I could pick it up and use it within the first five minutes, that would really sell me on it. I’m always on the move, and I want to know I can trust the website and other people can trust it.

Interviewer: What kind of online publications do you read now?

Interviewee 2: Gamespot, Joystiq, Kotaku. Game and tech blogs mostly.

Interviewee 1: Game reviews, tech reviews, film and cinema blogs. I follow NowThis on Facebook, which follows up and coming technology.

Interviewee 3: Pretty much just Tumblr. I follow what everyone else is talking about.

Interviewee 4: Pinterest.

Interviewee 6: I’ve been reading Slate a lot lately.

Interviewer: When you think of everything I’ve explained to you so far, what web address comes to mind? What would you click on?

Interviewee 2: ProProjects.

Interviewee 1: GroupNow.

Interviewee 6: GroupPlus.

Interviewee 2: GroupUs.

Interviewee 5: GroupGo.

Interviewee 1: LazyGroup.

Interviewee 3: Group Projects Suck.

Interviewee 4: Group Advisor.

Interviewer: We also need help picking a theme. Should we be bright, or dark… you tell me.

Interviewee 1: Can you find a middle ground? Make it kind of light.

Interviewee 6: Make it minimalist.

Interviewee 1: I think of Sparknotes. Fun, but also serious in its design.

Interviewee 2: Make it clean and simple. People can’t mess it up if it’s simple. Make it a two-click website – make everything accessible with two clicks.

Interviewee 4: Definitely make it user-friendly.

Interviewee 5: Blue and orange!

Interviewer: Which format shown on the screen would draw your eye?

Consensus was the listicle format.

Interviewee 1: Treat me like I’m dumb. Make it easy to read, break it down. I like the list.

Interviewer: How else can we spruce it up?

Interviewee 6: Mobile friendly application.

Interviewee 1: Add templates of different kinds of projects. Like templates for visual learners or auditory learners. Have samples of different projects for reference.

Interviewer: Should we include images? If so, what kind?

Interviewee 2: Images are nice. It gives an idea for where you want to look. You can even set an image as a background.

Interviewer: We need a social media presence. What are some of your favorite corporate online presences?

Interviewee 2: Taco Bell.

Interviewee 1: NowThis. Rooster Teeth.

Interviewer: Should our presence be more humor focused or factual?

Interviewee 6: It would depend on the content.

Interviewee 1: I lean more toward humor.

Interviewer: What social platform do you use most?

Consensus was Facebook.