Focus Group #2: Message Testing

Demographic make-up

This focus group consisted of 6 individuals, three female and three male. All of the participants were college students of various standing from freshmen to seniors. The ages of our participants ranged from 18-21 years old. Each participant stated that they had previous experience with group work (positive and negative), which fulfilled our demographic requirements.

Summary of Questions and Responses

We asked a number of questions of our participants. The first question we asked was how our participants would utilize our website as well as the resources housed on the site. Accountability was the greatest concern among participants, and accountability checklists were a major suggestion from all students. Some students even suggested the checklists be accessible to professors as well for their potential involvement. We continued by asking participants about the current visual state of our website by showing them several examples of our website format and color scheme. Our participants suggested everything about the website should be concise and straightforward. One participant said, “treat me like I’m dumb.” Minimalist design was recommended, as well as mobile-friendly theme. One participant suggested we base our look off of Sparknotes. A clever title was also suggested. The title would need to be unique but to the point. We received an array of suggestions, including ProProjects, GroupNow, GroupGo, Lazy Group, Group Advisor, and Group Projects Suck. We also showed participants several text formats and asked which was most appealing to them. All agreed on the listicle approach, with content being broken down into headers. Images breaking the walls of text were also a top suggestion. Finally, we asked about a social presence. Participants agreed Facebook would be the most effective platform to push our content through. Participants also recommended we should take a humorous take on social media, much like Taco Bell and Rooster Teeth.

Insights gathered

The main insight we gathered from our second focus group was that, in order to be effective with our messaging, our website needs to get straight to the point with its mission how it will work for our audience. In essence, we learned that we need to be as straightforward as possible. Furthermore, we learned our website design needs to be minimal and bright as well as mobile-friendly.

Effectiveness of website copy

We showed participants several formats of text, and the consensus was the listicle format was most effective. Straightforward phrasing with a concise message was most effective with our participants.

Functionality of website

Participants agreed WordPress was an effective platform for our content. Suggestions for further improvement included a mobile-friendly theme. In addition, we were encouraged to focus on bright colors on our website with further focus on images.

Changes we plan to make based on our findings

We plan to accommodate for mobile use. We also plan to change our current formats to listicles. Finally, we intend to add bright colors to our website, as well as more images. As suggested by our focus group, we also plan to push our content through Facebook with a humorous approach to posting.