The Spring Semester Strikes Again.

This week kicked off the first week of my Senior year. I graduate in December, and as such, I am completing my final major courses this semester. For example, I am taking my New Media Capstone course, which I am quite excited about. In this course, I will be working with real-world clients on big-ticket media projects. Needless to say, these projects will look great on a resume, and interacting with these companies will inevitably lead to much-needed connections in the media world.

My other classes are just as exciting. I am taking an online marketing seminar, as well as Principles of Marketing. Both courses go hand-in-hand, and marketing experience will surely help round out my education. I am also enrolled in an animation course, which is proving to be a serious challenge. I am confident, however, in my ability to learn the skills I need to pass the course – though I may need to watch a few more Lynda tutorials this weekend.