I Need a Coffee IV.

Is that a possibility? Will such a medical procedure kill me? I doubt a coffee IV would kill me any faster than school right now.

…I’m clearly being a bit dramatic. However, classes are really starting to up the ante. Web development, in particular, is kicking my tail. Learning HTML and CSS is a blast, don’t get me wrong – but the concept is basically like picking up a new language. In fact, I ended up completing my first homework assignment twice this week due to a pretty stupid mistake on my part. Protip: organize your root folder before delving into complex code. 

Nonetheless, I am keeping my head up. I am listening to upbeat music to keep my head on straight. In fact, below is a link to what I am listening to right now in case you are curious. I hope you enjoy electronic music.

My Monthly Mixtape on Spotify – Updated Frequently

The fact that the player is not centered really bothers me. Guess I have some more coding to learn before I can accomplish such a feat…