I Can’t Breathe

Allergies are literally the worst, especially during midterms. Spring is pretty and all, but I could live without my head feeling like a ton of bricks all the time.

Between sneezing fits, I have been rather productive this week. I have been working hard to finalize all the details for my client this semester. Overall, I am still rather nervous about the project, however. My client is expecting quite a lot from my partner and me, and I hope we can check all of his boxes by the deadline.

In addition, I have spent an estimated eight hours of time on rendering this week. There was a large animation project due this week, and the rendering took far longer than expected. I was tasked with recreating my workspace in Maya, and I actually thought designing the 3D environment was going to be the most time-consuming part. Boy, was I wrong.

Nonetheless, I am proud of the outcome and have posted images of the final product below.

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