EMC 3460 Final Project: “Let’s Make Group Work ‘Work'”

Let’s Make Group Work “Work.”

Group projects are often a necessary and unavoidable element of many academic courses. Though group work is intended to help students develop essential skills for future work environments, it is a well-known fact that most group projects are frustrating and ineffective. Many students, however, are unaware that the success of their projects with fellow students lies in their own hands. The objective of our website is to supply tools, tips, and resources to students who find themselves in a situation like the one described above. We intend to help make group work “work.”

Students of all ages inevitably find themselves in group projects. For this project, however, we will be focusing on college students, as group projects within a college environment are essential to developing skills necessary in future work environments.

With this website, we intend to help college students succeed in group work while they are in school, rather than forcing themselves to learn how to work in groups later in their professional lives. By providing free resources and tools on our website, we hope to accommodate for every pitfall group projects present.

Below is a list of links pertaining to each section of this project. Click a link to view its corresponding section.

Idea and Audience


Focus Group #1

Focus Group #1 Analysis

Focus Group #2


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