YouVisit Tour

For a class project, myself and two of my peers have been assigned a virtual reality project. In this project, our objective is to create a virtual tour of Middle Tennessee State University’s campus recreation weight room. The tour will serve as the capstone for future VR tours of the facility. Moreover, the tour will primarily be utilized on the campus recreation center’s website, as well as in our client’s (Caleb Pascal) contact with potential clients. Potential visitors, students, and clients of the recreation center looking to use the weight room comprise our intended audience. The tour will also target individuals who may be new to working out and are looking for a simple solution to learning more about the layout of the facility, as well as how its machines function.

Here is a link to the virtual tour located on The tour has several stops focusing on a number of machines located in the weight room. In addition, the machines contain interactive windows that provide further information on what muscles the machines isolate. The proposal for our client can be found here.

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